My name is Jay Ulfelder, and I’m an American political scientist who theorizes and forecasts political development and instability in various forms, including democratization, coups d’etat, mass atrocities, civil unrest, and state collapse.

Since the start of 2011, I’ve made a living as an independent consultant, basically doing freelance project work for various clients. For the 10 years before that, I worked for SAIC as research director for the U.S. Government-funded Political Instability Task Force.

I do not earn any money from this blog, but I do hope it leads to new and interesting paid projects. If you’re interested in putting me to work, please email me at ulfelder@gmail.com. Meanwhile:

  • You can find my CV here;
  • You can find links to my published work and other writings here;
  • I’m on Twitter as @dtchimp; and
  • I’m also on Tumblr as Tumbling Chimp.
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  1. John Coleman

     /  September 9, 2014

    A refreshingly honest, direct bio page. Thanks for that. John

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