Feeding the Progressive Realist

Dart-Throwing Chimp will now be contributing occasionally to The Progressive Realist, an “edited aggregator” of blogs about American foreign policy. It’s esteemed company to keep, and I’m proud to be part of the crew. On what it’s all about, here’s a bit from their About page:

You may be wondering what the name “Progressive Realist” means. Well, first of all, it doesn’t mean that all bloggers whose work can be found here subscribe to any particular ideology. It’s true that we think of progressive realism as corresponding to a broad set of principles, and that all the bloggers whose work we feature have evinced sympathy for at least some of those principles. Still, bloggers who agree to have their work published on The Progressive Realist aren’t thereby declaring themselves progressive realists.

What would it mean if they did? That is, what is progressive realism? Some basic progressive realist principles were laid down in the 2006 New York Times op-ed that first applied the term “progressive realism” to an emerging foreign policy paradigm. We hope this blog will be part of the conversation that helps flesh out the paradigm further. To that end, we expect to see some constructive disagreement among contributing bloggers. And if juxtaposing their posts on this blog heightens the contrasts and sparks further exploration of them, so much the better.

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