Democratization Resources on Twitter

After lamenting the scarcity of democratization resources on Twitter in my last post, I’m realizing I might do some good by calling out some of the excellent people and organizations who are already there. What follows is woefully incomplete and US-centric, I’m sure, but it’s what I’ve got right now. If you think someone or something is missing, please let me know in the Comments or via Twitter, and I’ll take a look. Users are listed in alphabetical order by Twitter handle. (If you’re new to Twitter and looking for these users, bear in mind that capitalization doesn’t matter, but punctuation does. You can also find all of these accounts under a list I’ve created called democratization-resources.)

aceproject_org. From the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, a useful source for information about technical aspects of upcoming elections.

africanelection. A terrific feed of election-related news stories selected by the African Elections project, mostly from local media.

davidjandura. A graduate student at Georgetown University who keeps a sharp eye on elections and party systems in the Middle East at his blog, Ahwa Talk.

Dem_Journal. A feed curated by Demokratizatsiya, a journal focused on political transformation in the Soviet successor states.

demdigest. Tweets announcing new entries to the always-interesting Democracy Digest blog, which is produced by the National Endowment for Democracy.

DemocracyTweetz. An activist feed from the World Movement for Democracy, a global democracy-promotion network backed by the National Endowment for Democracy.

electionguide. A resource for tracking election dates, brought to you by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), one of the premier international bodies for election management support.

EricaChenoweth. Erica is an assistant professor at Wesleyan University who does terrific research on civil resistance movements, which often play a role in democratic transitions. She also blogs at Rational Insurgent.

IFES1987. A newsier feed from the aforementioned IFES, with election-related stories from around the world.

IRIglobal. The International Republican Institute‘s Twitter face, a nice feed of news on human rights, transitions, and consolidation.

FreedomHouseDC. A feed of stories related to civil and political rights, from Freedom House, of course.

kenroth. The executive director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth, tweeting his organization’s points of concern.

marquezxavier. A political science lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington who blogs deep thoughts at Abandoned Footnotes.

NDI. Democracy-related news stories from all over the world, selected by staff at the US’s National Democratic Institute.

OpenSociety. Occasional and wide-ranging feed on human rights, from the Open Society Foundations founded by George Soros.

StanfordCDDRL. Occasional items from Stanford’s Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law, a kind of interdisciplinary think tank within the university.

votesafe. A bursty but rich feed of election- and democracy-related news stories from Megan Reif, a graduate student at the University of Michigan.

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